Monday, March 15, 2010

Arthur Biking

Arthur has had the hang of biking before, but we didn't keep up on it before and so recently when some neighbor kids came to play he was left out of the fun because he couldn't stay up on his bike.

Knowing that he had been riding on his own last summer, this news bothered me and I determined to help him become proficient.

It took just an hour or so on Sunday, a few mild spills and one medium until we both felt that we had succeeded.

Success was confirmed when today Arthur was able to bike along with the other kids on the block.

Hopefully Arthur will remember yesterday fondly for years to come. If not, he can always read this blog. ;)

Oh yeah, and I inadvertently learned a bit of pragmatic advice for would-be bike-riding coaches: let them crash one time, then teach them about the "controlled stop".