Sunday, May 01, 2011

Good things

Martha Stewart has hers, now it's my turn:
  • Pomegranate Black Currant Balsamic vinegar, by A Taste of Eden LLC. My mom gave me a bottle of this and it is heavenly. I just had some with a fresh sourdough boule.

  • Nettles. These are free if you're willing to pick them and they make world class green tea. Two weeks ago I made some soup out of them and it was fantastic. Supposedly it is very good for you too.

  • Dandelion Jelly. Heidi found a recipe and made this a few days ago. I could have gone my whole life and never tried this due to the awful experience of getting dandelion sap on my tongue as a child. However, the petals (which are the only part used for the jelly) are as aromatic as the sap is bitter, which means my toast has recently become a playground for my senses. Dandelion jelly will now be in rotation along with rhubarb compote and the many more traditional jams and jellies Heidi makes.
There are more, but I'll save those for another post