Saturday, December 21, 2013

In Praise of Liberty Orchards

A couple times a year, most years of my conscious life, I've had the pleasure of tasting Aplets & Cotlets. And for the first time this year I had the Peach Walnut Fruit Delights, which I find worthy of sharing shelf-space with Aplets & Cotlets.

This year I realized Liberty Orchards is a national treasure.

Aplets and Cotlets stand out from the crowd for their texture and flavor.

Flavor: These candies are on an entirely different (higher) plane than what comes to mind when you use the word "candies". I don't want to speculate, but I believe it is because they are using real fruit and are wholly dedicated to quality. When I taste an Aplet or Cotlet, my tongue tells me that the very essence, spirit and soul of a perfectly ripe fruit has been carefully wrapped in silky pectin, like a genie in a bottle in order to grant me one wish: to know what fruit tastes like in heaven.

Texture:  The texture of Aplets & Cotlets is a gentle firmness that melts away readily, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful sensation of perfectly ripe summer fruit with no distracting or unpleasant stiff, sticky or chewy textures.

The only affiliation I have with Liberty Orchards is that I am a lifelong resident of Washington State. I'll admit there may be some home-state pride involved in this review.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Cool Cool Tools

Most catalogs are compiled out of a motivation to funnel consumers to a specific business.

The Cool Tools catalog, by Kevin Kelly is curated to give you a window into the best tools available to enhance your life and others by the use and consideration of a massive collection of highly functional tools.

I'd give the book 5 stars, but won't let me review the book yet, since it is still in "Pre-Order" (I got my copy for contributing a product to the book). At $25 for the Pre-Order price, the book is a steal.