Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sourdough Bread

Hey, check this an effort to eat delicious bread and save money I have been practicing bread-baking on the weekends. Here's a picture of some nice-looking loaves I made a month ago.

I've recently realized that sourdough bread is easier than I previously thougt. It's definitely cheaper and arguably better tasting than bread made with active dry yeast.

Sourdough Possibly healthier for humans

Egalitarian: the leavening is free
My favorite how-to video for making sourdough starter. It is SOOO easy!

Sullivan Street simple method

The simple Sullivan Street method is very compatible with sourdough because it is a slow rise bread.The only downside to sourdough is that it can take longer. I could debate if that is actually a downside, but I'll spare you.