Sunday, August 23, 2015

Campfire Smell

Yesterday we woke to a hazy orange sunrise.
Trees 200' away were tinted
The morning air at the kitchen door
Was thickly laden with the scent a campfire makes
From the Cougar Creek fire
75 miles East

Last night the half moon was the color of a ripe peach
Today we are running the hepa filter and staying inside

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tragedy on Kelly Road

Crawling past the patrolman
The flares
The towtruck
I glanced briefly where
I knew the wreck would be.
A truck, new, shiny with chrome
And royal blue
Looked strangely whole
To occupy the center of that grim circus.
No shattered glass
No fender rumpled
No trunk caved-in and crumpled.
But under the truck's front bumper
All so new and shiny with chrome
A two-wheeled vehicle
That didn't make it home.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kids will make you cool

Ok maybe it's just in my own mind...but after playing TF2 online with my boys I have been encouraged by 55zimfam55 who said I was becoming MLG pretty fast. That felt great because I always feel like a nub cake.
But while playing I noticed they also seem unimpressed by their own play though it far outstrips mine.
With each day I become more certain that most everyone feels like a nub cake, not just in gaming but in that arcane thing older folks refer to as "real life".
And I'm just as certain that the feeling is not justified...we are all pretty MLG...and could use more practice.
So yeah...I feel a little cooler today.