Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun On Mt. Hood

Here's a nice portrait from our visit with Bob and Adeleide as well as my cousin Steve and his children on Mt. Hood. It was great fun. In the morning Bob and Steve were instrumental in digging out our Subaru. I was tremendously grateful for the help.
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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fun Run (and Walk)

Heidi found out about a fun run put on by a local fitness club and so we signed up...all four of us...as did Heidi's mom and brother.

I surprised myself by dragging myself across the course an entire 10K. I was very nearly the last person to finish the 10K, but I finished it. This gives me hope that with some training I could actually jog the whole thing instead of the mixture of walking and jogging that I did today.

Heidi and the boys completed the 5K option and were happy with their successes.

Heidi's brother placed 5th overall in the 10K and brought home the first prize in his age-group. It's fun to have a "home-town" favorite.

In the end, we were invigorated and reminded of how fun it can be to participate in a community exercise event.

We plan to do more.