Monday, May 29, 2017

Green Corn, take 3

It is year three in my odyssey to grow enough green corn for eating.

2015: Year one, I planted all the seeds from a single packet, but I planted too late, June or something, and so only a few ears developed

2016: Year two I planted late again, albeit with more seeds than were in the packet. Halfway through the season I learned that urea and water in a 1:4 mixture gives these guys a turbo-boost of growth and lends their leaves a healthy deep green hue. But we had an early and persistent fall, with rain unrelenting (28 days of rain in October!). I panicked and picked too quick, so that the early ears were but half done. Then again I picked some later ears that wheezed a few kernels past the finish line.

2017: Now year three. I planted right on time, mid-May, after soaking the seeds which my wife told me saves 3-5 days in germination. A cool week later there was no sign, but on the 8th day they poked through. This morning (day 15) I got this picture:
These two were accidentally planted too near each other, but that and the coincidence of their leaf arrangement made them appear to be twins.

I spent far too much time babying these guys, but I want this to be the year I get all the green corn I can use. This will be the year of never letting them dry out and never letting them go without nitrogen.
We'll see how it goes!


Like a lollipop
On two sticks
The boy stood waiting,
Patient by his mother,
While some electronic
Attached at the ear
And the back of the skull
Blinked green.
His parents betrayed
But little tension
As they waited.
Tiny daughter
A pearl, protected
Between them.
Bionic lollipop boy
Plays with trains
Until the nurse calls them