Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Microsoft vs. Malaria Deathmatch

OK, it's not Microsoft per se, but it is the money that Bill Gates made during his career at Microsoft that is helping, under his guidance, to eradicate Malaria.


I'm already in awe of the man for providing the software upon which I've based my career. Now this!

To me, this is the meaning of "American idol".

Thanks Bill.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hibernating Hamster

As the family grave keeper, it is my duty to dispose discreetly of any pet that meets his end at our home.

Most recently it was feared that our hamster Chewy had come to the end of his days. Unusually however, I soon discovered we were mistaken.

You may ask yourself, "How can you not tell if an animal is dead?"

To which I would reply, I'm sure one could tell, but in this case it wasn't particularly obvious. He was curled up in his food bowl, which has about a one cup capacity and is roughly the dimension of a typical metal measuring cup.

When I pulled him out of his bowl he as very stiff. And he didn't wake up from the relatively rude handling.

Moments later, I had the hole dug. I even went so far as to drop him into it before I noticed him begin to faintly twitch.

Brief observation was rewarded with signs of life.

I scooped him back up and replaced him in his home where he has resumed normal activity for the past several weeks.


From northern Mali, in the southern Sahara, former Tuareg rebels and nomads turned musicians.

Guitar style is similar to Amadou et Mariam.

This is track seven, my favorite from their album Aman Iman: Water is Life