Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Mabel At Eleven

She charmed me with enthusiasm
She charmed me with her grace
She charmed me with her doll collection
And dramatic moods swept through her face

She listened to my Neil Young
Enraptured by the Harvest Moon
And when I had to go away
I felt the day was done too soon

This morning on my calendar
Reviewing all the seasons
Wondering at the timings of Camellia
Flowering and the reasons

I noticed that the next time
Cascara leaves unfurl
Ms. Mabel will be twelve
Slightly more or less a girl

Despite the plain reminder
That will stare me in the face
I may continue to be myself
And thoughts and poems can't replace

A birthday present or a wish
At the time when it is due
Each year when the Cascara buds
I'm certain I will fondly think of you


Lief said...

And tonight she and I just returned from a philosophy event at the UDistrict and one of the primary conversation questions was “do we stay the same or change over time?” How much? And what part stays the same, if anything, and if so is it unchangeable?

This layered so well right into our conversation - in my mind.

So much awesome.

James Zimmerman said...

Thank you. I'm proud of this one. And grateful for your response.